Ultimate Cabanas and Starlite Glow Cabanas

Are you looking for a way to add extra shade, protection, and style to your backyard? TEMO Backyard Living (TBL Pro) provides easy-to-install thermal patio covers such as the Ultimate Cabana and the Startlite Glow Cabana.

Our easy-install cabanas transform your bare backyard into an aesthetic escape for relaxation and entertainment no matter the weather. Our professionally engineered cabanas provide shade and protection from sun and rain. Add a beautiful and cozy cabana to compliment your patio furniture, outdoor kitchen, hot tub, swim spa, or pool area.

Cabanas for Sale

Cabanas are meant to be enjoyed and our cabanas are virtually maintenance-free. We have engineered our cabanas to be long-lasting, using materials to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Our products have more strength than vinyl, wood, or roll-formed aluminum. You will not have to worry about your structure peeling, cracking, rotting, insect infestation, or rusting.

When choosing the best cabana/pavilion for your home, consider the various options available. Our professionals at TBL Pro are dedicated to helping your vision for your backyard become reality.

Cabana Features

  • Two Great Styles: Ultimate Cabana or Starlite Glow Cabana
  • Starlite Glow Includes Skyview with LED Blue Lights
  • The Ultimate Cabana Offers Thermal Protection from the Sun
  • Color Choices: White, Sandstone, Bronze
  • Italian Influenced Florentine Columns
  • Sizes: 10’x10’ to 12’x16’
  • Requires Virtually no Maintenance
  • Won’t Become Infested with Insects
  • Resist Weather Exposure
  • Have more Strength than Roll-Formed Aluminum, Vinyl, or Wood Products
  • Tested ability to withstand snow and wind load
  • Limited lifetime warranty that will protect your investment

Cabana Kits

Patios are meant to be a comfortable outdoor space for your home. Enhance your experience with a covering that will protect and shade your patio from the rain and hot sun. TBL Pro offers DIY patio Cabana kits that are easy to set up and even easier to maintain. They require virtually no maintenance and are made of material that won’t peel, crack, rust or rot.


To learn more about our patio product designs, our manufacturing process, installation, or becoming an Authorized TBL PRO please contact TEMO today.

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